Spring in a pot and lovely surprises from friends. Things that help me find beauty during these stressful and busy days.
Thank you Erika for the lovely handmade "tiny carpet" and Irena for sending me a dose of your wonderful handwriting. The text I once asked her to write down for me is something I saw framed  in our friend's family kitchen  (I think I saw it here for the first time though) and it goes like this: "In this house: we are real, we make mistakes, we say I'm sorry, we give second chances, we have fun, we give hugs, we forgive, we do really loud, we are family, we love.". Definitely a home which we are trying to create.

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  1. oh, Irena ima tako lepo pisavo!

  2. oh it's a beautiful handwriting indeed <3

  3. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share and Great post,I really like your article and nice pic

  4. Skrbnik spletnega dnevnika je odstranil ta komentar.

  5. beautiful words & handwriting too!
    and the tiny carpet is lovely!

  6. Love your blog, will follow!
    Feel free to do the same :)

    Johanna, Sweden

  7. Hi there! Wow, that is lovely handwriting indeed. I'd invest in a nice fountain pen for sure if my penmanship was half as good. Can't remember the last time I received a package in the mail..