Last year I participated in yet another interesting project - Vila Malina Paperwork collection. I made three different illustrations which are now available on high quality notebooks, prints and postcards. You can see the whole collection here and with a little bit of luck you can win notebook named "Pot" and a set of postcards!!! :) All you have to do is write a comment under this post (with your email address) and next Saturday I'll announce a winner. Good luck and big thanks to lovely Urška who is the force behind the collection and a kind sponsor of this GIVEAWAY!

!!! Edited on 1 of March: Due to some difficulties which many of you reported to me about writing a comment which I didn't get I've decided to move giveaway on Instagram instead. All you have to do is like this photo and you're automatically a part of a giveaway. I am sorry for this inconvenience but I checked all the settings on my blog so I don't understand what's wrong.   



I am so happy that I can finally show you this two-sided decorative Vixen cushion which I illustrated for Ooh noo. Their ever growing collection contains of high quality (and oh so pretty!) linen bedding, cushions, throws and toys. Little vixen is my first addition to their amazing range and I hope to create more beautiful things with this talented group of people.

(Photo credits: Ooh noo)



For those of you who follow me on Instagram this will not be a surprise but I do have news anyhow. I have many reasons to be grateful and my heart is full of joy and expectations. The first reason is surely our baby who will arrive in the beginning of July. I am now in the middle of my pregnancy and I hope everything will go well until the end of it. We will have to wait many more months to meet our new family member but the next thing that makes my heart beat faster will happen very shortly. I will soon be able to tell and show you more about my collaboration with Ooh noo design company and all I can say is... stay tuned! :))



It's already February but this is my first post this year so: Happy 2015 to all!!! :)
For me this yeas started quite nice with many new plans, opportunities and lovely gatherings. One of them happened today - I was invited to spend some time with kids (age 1 to 3) in our local kindergarten and show them how I create and talk to them about it. I prepared four big silhouettes of different animals and they had to recognize them and tell me what's missing so I could draw it... they sang a song about each animal while I drew and in the end every group helped and draw animal's fur so they will not be cold. :) 



First Christmas in our new home... all very lovely plus one big surprise: snow!!! :)
Merry Christmas to all***




I started this week with cleaning up my studio drawers and find some illustrations I made back in 2012. I decided to make some space for new things to come so I am selling these in my future-to-be shop (which is not done yet) each for 30 euros with free shipment worldwide. They are all made by me and are about 10x15 cm big (I am selling them without frames). If you would like to get yourself or your special ones something unique now is your chance. You will find them HERE!



Spent five minutes in the most wonderful room in the world which belongs to two happy little girls. All ideas, illustrations and details are made and arranged by their talented mom Anja Kranjc. I mentioned my friend before and her sculptural work but she has many many talents and this room just sums all of them up. 



We're spending most of this month at home... viruses seems to love us! I hope this will change as soon as possible...  (don't get me wrong, I love spending time at home but not like this... and not without visitors, energy and time to do things)



Beautiful autumn in Tomaj.