I am spending my week in bed because of a bad cold and it doesn't seem that it will go away so soon. I try to rest as much as possible and try to kill time with movies, books, cups of hot tea and so on... right now I am admiring Claire Loder's wonderful book which arrived today. I admire her work so much, she is an amazing artist and I hope I will be able to afford one of her sculptures someday. :)

Ps: Daffodils bloomed from previous post... they are not my favorite flowers at all but they make a nice contrast with outside snowy weather.  

5 komentarjev:

  1. get well soon! 4th picture made me laugh :)

  2. sm prepoznov rAma takoj
    po brkih :)

  3. oohhh get better soon!
    ps- i have the same bedsheets, love them ;)

  4. wish you are feeling much better today!
    the book you are reading looks great!
    and your daffodils so beautiful!