Sandra, Germany (original etching)

Matilda, Slovenija (house postcard)

Sophie, Belgium (original drawing)

Alessandra, Great Britain (original photo/postcard)

Renilde, Belgium (original photo)

Irena, Slovenija (original photo/postcard)

 Miha, Slovenija (original drawing and postcard)

Iva, Slovenija (original drawings, etching, prints, badges and postcards)

This post is special for me since it shows some of my works in other people's homes. Sandra, Matilda, Alessandra, Irena, Miha, Iva... Thank you  for participating with your photos (I've already posted photos of Sophie and Renilde once but I think they fit well in this collection as well and thank you again ladies!), you really made my day! I feel honored to be a small part of your life.* 

12 komentarjev:

  1. that is really nice, to see your work in others people's enviroments. by the way, i love the mysterious elephant in the first picture ^^

  2. Very nice selection! And with a discovery, thank you!

  3. Your works fits perfectly in each home. thank you!

  4. prva fotka je za umret (dobra):D

  5. oh, the tiny drawing in the last photo is enchanting! i am in love with it!!!

  6. nice to see them all around the world!

  7. Kolk dobr, sem bla pri Sandri Monat in omenja Ano Maraž, pa sem takoj skočila pogledat. Super je tole, tudi jaz prosim svoje stranke, da mi pošljejo fotke mojih izdelkov v njihovih domovih. pa niso vsi tko pridni kot tile tvoji :).
    Ampak tukaj ne najdem fotke iz Hertzensarta, sem spregledala?
    Super je tale tvoj blogič!

  8. Ok, ok tudi slepa kura zrno najde! Zdaj sem pa spregledala!

  9. great to see the sunny face i've received from you in different settings :) Too bad i don't have a camera anymore... starting to miss it.