Last year I participated in yet another interesting project - Vila Malina Paperwork collection. I made three different illustrations which are now available on high quality notebooks, prints and postcards. You can see the whole collection here and with a little bit of luck you can win notebook named "Pot" and a set of postcards!!! :) All you have to do is write a comment under this post (with your email address) and next Saturday I'll announce a winner. Good luck and big thanks to lovely Urška who is the force behind the collection and a kind sponsor of this GIVEAWAY!

!!! Edited on 1 of March: Due to some difficulties which many of you reported to me about writing a comment which I didn't get I've decided to move giveaway on Instagram instead. All you have to do is like this photo and you're automatically a part of a giveaway. I am sorry for this inconvenience but I checked all the settings on my blog so I don't understand what's wrong.   

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  1. I would love to win this giveaway, the collection is awesomely lovely <3 just like your work in general, I like it a lot :)
    Best wishes,
    Saša (sasa.ilovar@gmail.com)