Everything is always changing. Same goes for our living-room wall on which we added some new prints (Elisabeth's Mr. Tomato and our now already old friend Apple Papple ), Iva's photo and this one I shot in Ana's and Camilla's exhibition years ago. Even some of my drawings (this little one and this one) made it to the wall which is something I usually don't do (don't know why but it's somehow weird to look at my own work all the time) but they are reminders to draw more.

7 komentarjev:

  1. Love this wall!
    And your drawings the most!!!

  2. thanks dear for this nice comment! How are you? I miss your posts!***

  3. it is important to draw!
    to draw more, even more so

  4. Always draw more. I love these all.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. Čudovito! Naša stena v dnevni pa še kar čaka da jo kdo reši monotone beline :) si mi dala navdih da se je končno lotim. Ja, pa več risati... ;)