Ok, let's make this rainy day about awards. :) I received two Liebster awards from two Slovenian bloggers (with lovely blogs), first from Valentina and then from Martina although I actually shouldn't because of the rule about followers, but who knows (and is it really that important?) about this anyway so... thank you ladies!!!
I pass the awards to: Iva (The internet sisters blog), Miha (White Valleys), Irena (Oh, Henry!), Peter (Servantless cook) and Urša (Svetilnik in sedem palčkov). These are all people I know and always like to see what they are up to. They are each very creative in their own special way and that's why I think they are perfect for this award! (Valentina wrote about the rules here, so now if you want... pay it forward!).*

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  1. kaj pa če nekdo, ki dobi to nagrado ne (hvala lepa:) ne ve komu poslat naprej recimo

  2. Hi Ana, thank you for sharing Iva´s Blog. I realy, realy like it. It´s like to go on travel with your eyes and mind. wherever i´m sitting in big, big town or in a little, little village far away from the mountains... Thank you, Lotte.