Since we were kids my older and only brother loves Lego blocks so Ram and I surprised him with  a Creationary game for his birthday today. And as I do very often last years I made my own wrapping paper just for this occasion. I made his "lego portrait" stamp and use it to make a pattern with it. I was happy to see the result and mostly that he liked it. Happy birthday again bro! :)
Oh and speaking of homemade wrapping paper, look at this gorgeous one that Geninne made. Waw!

9 komentarjev:

  1. hi there! :)

    a happy birthday to your brother!
    your handmade wrapping paper is so sweet!

    geninne creates amazing things!

  2. Thank you ladies!
    Evdokia, I agree with you about Geninne. :)

  3. ha my brother was mad for lego when we were younger! i love this wrapping paper. so awesome!

  4. fajn šemplj :D
    iz česa si ga pa izrezljala?

    1. ah sej veš... iz mehkega linoleja... :)
      same old, same old. :)

  5. I love this wrapping paper, it's great!

  6. Your stuff is very fun and wacky. I love it.