Pance (1)

I've spent three wonderful days with my dear friends. Good company, delicious food, beautiful nature, lots of giggling and interesting conversations = perfect time.

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  1. just found your blog and had to stop to comment that it is so lovely!

  2. lovely photos, that cake look delicious and I like your camera! xoxo

  3. Thank you Sara, you're very welcome here! :)
    Alessandra... Unfortunately Pentax's not mine,
    but yes... I like it too! :)

  4. Love the green in your pictures. I can almost smell the fresh air.

  5. Hallo! Bas ti volim ovaj blog!

    I live in London and I juts found your blog and recognised the language! Are your from Ljubljana? I am from Bosnia, so I understand some of your blog!! Anyway, lovely pictures!

    Volim tvoje slike!

    Cao, Ines

  6. So beautiful! I can imagine how wonderful a time you must have had.