I've spent my weekend with my friends and family. We stayed inside, drinking tea
and celebrating my granny's 86 birthday. It was nice, warm and peaceful. Here is
a small peak into my friend's lovely home where we hid from snow and cold. How
was your weekend?

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  1. it seems so peaceful!
    (i guess, it's my 1st visit here: beautiful blog!)

  2. What a nice flat! Especially the wooden table.

  3. lovely paper snowflakes : )
    The cat looks cute.
    I think there is nothing better then spend your time inside a home with the people you love around you, drinking some tea and keep yourself warm on cold days like this. I made a winter walk, but also spend the rest of my time inside taking care of the planst did some crochet and weaving a bit.

    Have a nice week and I wish you a warm and beautiful christmas.

  4. your friend's place is gorgeous!!! and i love the cat!

  5. Wonderful blog! I have a cat and that same little hassock and she loves it too!


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