Do you ever write things you don't wanna forget on your hand? What to buy, what to take before you live home, who to call, etc... I do it from time to time... especially on days when I am a bit puzzled and yesterday was one of those days. My friend asked me to go buy some veggies for our lunch in which she invited me... (well, I actually invited myself :) ) and I wrote down what to buy among some other things that got erased  in course of the day. I couldn't find mangold (blitva) in store but the lunch was delicious anyway.

What will you have for lunch today?

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  1. i don't but my husband does it all the time, although sometimes he forget to look at his hand!
    anyway, today we'll go for a picnic in a nearby forest...i'm off to the groceries (i usually make lists and then forget them at home!)

    have a happy weekend dear!

  2. i do it. i use different markers, depending on how long the list has to last. having a few shopping list applications in my phone doesn't work.

    horse meat and salad

  3. Tee hee. I had the word SCARVES on my hand the other day. I had to pick up my Girl Guide unit scarves. An odd thing to write on a hand now I think about it.

  4. i do that all the time, every day. I like to see other people with lists on their hands, it reveals a tiny bit of their activities :)