It's a girl with two pencils, long braids and dress made from a map. I made her for one special baby girl. I hope she'll like it when she gets a bit older.

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  1. This little girl is very very cute…

  2. ... u je fina :) ... sam jest ko sm v prve pogledov sploh nism najdu očk, so me lička čist zmotla ... zdej sm jih najdu :) ...

  3. thank you all, I am glad you like it. :)
    Ha... veš, da je moja mama rekla popolnoma isto kot ti.. :)

  4. beautiful, im sure she will love it when she is older :-))

  5. hey ana, I don't know why i missed this post, my reader is going mad!
    this is so lovely...
    what are you up to? long time since i don't hear from you babe!
    hope everything is alright...
    are u working working studying working?

  6. This is so nice. Lucky baby girl!