sweet December

I am looking forward of this magical month! It started really amazing! My dear friend Tina sent me a special homemade advent calendar in a tin box with 25 cards (or more, I am not allowed to peak) each one having a special message, task or surprise on it. When we were teenagers I made similar advent calendar for her and I am really happy she thought of it this year. I also received a beautiful print from Lilie yesterday. Hanna who's work I love made something I will sure admire every day - Joulukaleneteri. Thank you ladies, you're amazing!
Ram's (my boyfriend) mum made a garland for our door, so it will welcome the visitors and I also started decorating our apartment since I feel very festive already. I also plan to surprise my dear ones with even more small trifles than usual since after all... it's December!:)

I hope you are in the mood for magic too. Now let's spread this festive mood around! :)

3 komentarji:

  1. lovely pressies Ana.
    I agree, let the magic begin.

  2. Thank you, Ana! It's nice that you will be following my advent calendar. And what a nice way to start this wintery month. I also started it with opening a first window of a little advent calendar and buying a beautiful branch full of berries.

    Have a lovely December!

  3. oh, I love hanna's work as well.
    let's go for daily bits of magic all around