I went to the library today with a mission to borrow as much books about The Moomins as I can find since I only have one picture book (Moomin, Mymble and little My) which I bought in Helsinki few years ago. Off course I know Moomins and their creator Tove Jansson but I've never actually read her stories and somehow today seemed perfect to start. They used to show the cartoons on TV when I was small and all I remember is that I was a little bit frightened by Little My since she had really annoying voice and looked somewhat mean to me. :) I started with Trollvinter and I am enjoying it very much so far. On top of it I found a little snowman in one of the books...

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  1. I´ve never seen Mumins, but they look nice :)
    Thanks for your kind comment on the viking stamp, Ana. Will send you a flickr email ;)

  2. i didn't know them either but i like them already :)

  3. anočka!!! kaj kej počenjaš?!?!

  4. The old Moomin books are so beautiful. I posted your photos in my Moomin blog (with credits of course), I hope that's alright :)