As you probably already know my boyfriend and I are renovating one part of a more than 200 years old house. When we started we thought that we will only make few repairs and changes and that the renewal will be done in about six months. We discovered we couldn't be more wrong and find ourselves in the biggest project ever. Now after more than four years we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and rushing to finish it to the stage so our little family can finally move in. I am excited, happy, impatient and a bit worried off-course since we now have a deadline to move out from our rented apartment. After so many years of hard work, sacrifice and thousands of decisions it is somehow a bit surreal to be at this point... but so so good! :)

(ps: Ram made this wooden houses for me last year and I painted them. I wanted to make a little project but didn't find the time... maybe I will still do it someday. :))

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  1. good luck with the move! I hope it goes smoothly, how wonderful that you can finally look forward to it.

    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes Louise!*

  2. good luck with the move Ana! I remember when you first told me about your home project and indeed it was a long time ago, so much happened since then. Happy to see this dream of yours is finally becoming real.