They announced red alarm because of really strong wind (Burja) in our area so all the schools have been closed for three days now. I suppose people spent their time at home but Ram and I were moving to a new one. We found a bigger and better flat (we've been living in quite a dump for the last 11 months) and it was the beginning of the month so we had to move quickly. It's been two really hard working days (I was asking myself all the time where all the stuff came from) but yesterday we spend our first night here. We're still have tons of unpacking to do but I already feel a bit "at home" (It will be easier to wait here until our house will be renewed).
The first neighbor we saw was this big cat staring outside the window a bit grumpily. :)   

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  1. .krasna novica - za novo stanovanje, ne za veter - pr nas tud skoz zlo piha

  2. .also - like the new look :) :)
    .res zelo všečno

  3. Funny neighbor. Hope you'll feel at home soon.
    I like your new logo.

  4. Oh goodness, that cat does look grumpy..

    Hello from Spain :)

  5. uu čestitam! zdaj si pa ti na vrsti za poročilo hehe :))

  6. i had heard on the news that people in solvena (I think thats where you live) were having really bad winter weather, in fact all over,

  7. Thank you all for nice comments! *
    Lee, I'm from Slovenia and I guess winter came a bit late this year. :)

  8. nov brlog, novi logo (všeč), novi sosed.
    nadam se novim fotkam:)

  9. Oh Ana , hope this house will be the last one before you move into your home.
    Packing and unpacking I know too well too, but it will be good for you as you will de-clutter and get ready for the big move.
    Stay warm and safe.
    hugs from snowy England. xxx

  10. PS love the new look in your blog :)

  11. keep warm & good luck with the house and the one you are working on :)
    these winds look awful!

  12. all this packing and unpacking can be so annoying, but I hope you manage everything well and will spend a good time in your new home until you can move to your house. Keep the windows closed ;)


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