Lately I am busy as a bee but it feels good. I start my days very early, go for a morning walk, finishing illustrations for one children book, spend afternoons with my little nephew and then usually stay in my studio till late hours. It's a bit stresfull but also very good for me since I wasn't as disciplined like this for a long time. I've noticed years ago that I am more productive and organised if I have plenty to do. Is it the same for you?

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  1. Definitely the same for me! I'm one day into holidays and I'm already craving some work. What a gorgeous little guy. Glad to hear you're happy and productive :)

  2. .o, js bi rd vidu kaj rišeš!

  3. I also love to be busy as a bee:-)so enjoy it! Since I have a small child all slow down, and some time I miss it so much.
    Have a nice working day:-D!!!!!!

  4. ful fletna slikca!
    komej čakam, da vidim kaj ustvarjaš :)

  5. My mom always said: you do more when you do more.

  6. Same with me. The more I have to do, the more organised I am and the more that gets done. It makes the other more lazy days (by comparison) also more enjoyable.

  7. oh yes, the busiest the better, but need to be busy in a creative way otherwise I just freak out
    (if I have to do boring stuff).


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