Why no voice from me? Because I literally have none, I'm ill again (second time this year) and this is a view from my bed where I'm spending last couple of days. I am not used of being sick so often and besides feeling like a sponge it's also very boring... Meanwhile I can just wipe my nose, measure my temperature, eat vitamins and wait there's gotta be something interesting happening to you, right? I'd be happy to hear all about it... oh, and I hope you're all well. *

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  1. oh, it's so sad to read ;-( I understand because the end of the last year was full of illness in my house, I hate spending all day in bed if I have to, but sometimes it's good possibility to think, read and just rest... I hope you'll be good soon. Hugs

  2. oh. Feel better soon! I hope you're being entertained... I looked up the euro coin and it's really funny, but it's official. It doesn't look that official though.

  3. Hi Ana I was wonering about you!
    Oh poor hope you will recover, perhaps the stress for the house is taking a toll in your immune system.
    Keep warm dear and relax if you can.
    bug hugs

  4. wondering and not wonering...: )

  5. .js sm mel plastično operacijo :)

  6. take care of you dear Ana! :(
    I suggest you to watch lot of tv series like Misfits and Dexter or a lot of movies, I'm actually watching the whole filmgraphy of Woody Allen and Almodovar, maybe with your forced free time, you could be interested in...


  7. Take care Ana!
    Maybe with some tea feel better! ;)
    A hug!!

  8. hope you are feeling better soon, and I like reading your blog!

  9. It's been a bad winter for it. But spring is coming ...

  10. Take care Ana, hope you will feel healthy again very soon. The light on your wall is beautiful, I always like to see how the light is changing.


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