I've been helping my friends in their gallery for the last two weeks and a half which occupied most of my days. Been following updates on other blogs and neglecting mine. I don't know why but I don't take photos these days and  I am not being very creative at all. I guess I'm in the stagnation period collecting energy for new projects and future assignments already waiting for me.

I am kinda ready for autumn. How about you?

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  1. Helping at a gallery sounds really fun.

    I can relate to the stagnation period you are going through. I went through that myself not too long ago.

    And I'm SOOOO ready for Fall!

  2. ... pa kako teb rata kr neki fotkat pa d vseen zgleda fino ??? :) ...

  3. yes, i am too.
    sometimes we just have to ride it out..

  4. I love that you refer to your stagnation period as a time for collecting energy. Such a wonderfully positive approach. I'm absolutely going to adopt that! Would love to be ready to experience fall, but I am sooo ready for Spring on this side of the world!!

  5. ...your package is on your way soon!

    I'm kinda sad about summer is ending, such a good one, but way too fast! now we have to think about wearing coats again.

    hope you are good!

  6. yeah I think i'm ready too!

    although i feel like in energy saving mode, every precious minute of sleep count!

  7. I'm also in the stagnation period. Want to create more but simply can't!
    I'm not ready for autumn (because I don't have a good coat).

  8. What you describe here happened to me this summer too. I am started back with the creative juices, though. And yes, I'm sensing autumn's arrival.

  9. I know exactly what you mean... whatever I try is just not coming together lately. I like your idea of having a stagnation period... maybe a regeneration period? I'm ready for Spring in my part of the world... but yes, Autumn is my favourite season too and I'll be catching some of that soon on some travels (very happy about that!) Hope the Autumn works it's magic on you :) Kx

  10. September bo minil v zvenu enkega klika (toliko mastdujev je zacahnanih) potem pa malce daljši (upam da, kretaivnejši) počitek. Pa, res, zakaj nimaš beđev?


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