I received these beautiful dancing Swedish dwarfs from Saša. So funny that I sent her a Christmas card with a similar ones.

I am in love with Soul Bird by Sanna Annuka. The legend behind it really inspired me so I'll try to make one myself since I don't have enough money to buy one these days. I really love the idea of having a bird which would protect my soul while dreaming. :)

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  1. I like the same bird and also thought about making it myself, but than I thought of painting and decided to wait a bit and buy it when I have the money to buy it. I love the story of the bird.

  2. Fun dwarf paper dolls. And the link to Sanna Annuka is lovely. I'll bet you can make yourself a fine bird. The legend is enchanting.

  3. sanna annukka is so good, and i love your swedish dwarves! adorable. have a lovely christmas, ana. :)

  4. those are lovely..have a happy |christmas sweet Anna and thank you for sharing the link.

  5. i love the birds, but can't afford to buy so i might make one too out of fabric. i am very lucky tho to own one of her prints. happy christmas Ana x


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