We spent four lovely days at the seaside... reading, resting, sleeping, swimming. Most of my friends like to spend their summers near the sea as much as they can (even for four weeks or more)  but I can't say the same for me. I don't know why because all above mentioned activities are nice... but I start to get homesick somehow and tired of things... how is it for you? What kind of holidays do you like best?

6 komentarjev:

  1. Enako pri meni.
    Na kratko in sladko. =)


  2. ne morem brez morja. ne morem. še dobro, da živim na morju. in tele škure so božanske.

  3. Dej, dej. Jaz bi lahko na morju in v tej hiši preživela cel junij, julij in avgust. ;)

  4. a week or two is the best i think :)
    the best season is in the last days of august
    when it's not so crowded.
    i prefer the sea for summer!

    1. i don't have vacation for more than 5 years now...when i can rest at home it's bliss for me :)

  5. I love holidays but I feel the same way! After a few days, I'm ready to be in my own space, to cook and do laundry!