While our morning walk we made a quick stop at our friend's place. We found Alina and her two lovely children wrapped up in making a cake for their afternoon birthday party. While admiring the process and all colorful details in their home our camera's battery run out so I can't show you how beautiful their cake turned out. I bet it was delicious too... 

8 komentarjev:

  1. you didn't taste it? :)
    i like the little framed cat draw on the wall
    and the heart mobile!

  2. Pozdravljena,
    zelo zgovorne fotografije. Malce sem prelistala ...všeč mi je tvoj blog. :)

  3. I just came across your blog and absolutely love it! Your images are so beautiful and this post is just precious! What a sweet moment to capture! Best from Copenhagen!

    1. thank you so much and welcome!
      I hope that I will be a "traveling mama" as well and visit Copenhagen someday soon! :)