The main reason for my absence for the whole month is the fact that we are without web connection and I can't really tell when this problem will be fixed (I am sorry for my late email replies, I hope you understand). The month has been a very stressful and busy one (total contrast with photos) and has left me quite tired and beaten. 
But great things happened as well, among them; Alessandra's Pop-up shop which I was a small part of and I also have great news for those who want to buy my things; apart from Olivija shop in Ajdovščina you can get them in Babushka Boutique in Ljubljana and also in Vogalček shop in Šentjernej - all in Slovenia. About my webshop...well to tell you the truth I can't tell you when it will happen but until then you will be able to buy some things at Knots shop (I guess very soon).
I hope September treated you well and that we will all have a nice October... here you can already smell the autumn....

12 komentarjev:

  1. Pomojem, da sem obseden s temi fotkmi! Nore.


    1. Hvala Klemen... me veseli, da so ti všeč. :)

  2. The photos are great and I love Alessandras blog aswell. So many beautiful things everywhere :')

    I hope it gets more relaxed for you soon!

  3. Pri vas je žehta zmeraj tako lepa:)

    in jeseni še ne voham, potrebujem malček rahle burje in debele žabe...a ravnokar vrnila iz kratkega sprehoda pa sem lepljiva od toplote in nizke oblačnosti

  4. hallo! :)
    your fotos above are so beautiful!
    i hope october entered with a better face for you :)
    have a good month & week!

  5. Reading Anais Nin on rainy day...perfect

  6. Draga Ana, prav pogrešala sem te. Se strinjam z Klemenom, tudi meni je všeč kako gledaš na svet. Lepe so tvoje fotke. Naslednji teden nesem muce v babushko in bom pošpegala kaj ima tvojega. Pa v Vogalčku sva tudi skupaj ;). Maham in želim krasen in lenoben vikend.