Alessandra from La casita blog is organizing a "Knots collective" pop-up shop which will happen in London during the Design week. "Relationships to me are like knots:  to tie or untie as you make your way through life, it is for this reason that I have included in this space the work of other artists and crafters to whom I feel a connection" she explained over at her beautiful Knots shop. So you see, I am very happy and honored to participate in this event even though I unfortunately will not be physically present. If you are near don't miss it... I am sure it will be great! 
Alessandra is planning to introduce all participants on her blog and today you can read my interview here. :)

5 komentarjev:

  1. uauuuuu!
    to pa ni kar tako...
    vesela zate in ploskam nadarjeni Alessandri

  2. Supeeer, čestitam Ana! tam v Londri, te bodo opazili lovci na talente in potem boš šla v širni svet. Jaz se bom pa na veliko hvalila in kazala svoj skromni picture wall....Joj zdaj sem šele pomislila, Hinkota bom preventivno kar lepo zavarovala :).

  3. Hvala punce! :)
    Valentina... hahaha!!! :))