Nina was the one who suggested I should do something for the LABL's Me, Myself and I zine and she was the one who sent it to me because I couldn't join the Caffeine hours festival/fair. And I also received a bonus - two amazing zines made by her. Yes, I am lucky I know. :) Thank you Nina and also guys from LABL! My small contribution is the black and white self-portait (photos 3,4,5 on the left) but if you want to see more or buy it check it out here

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  1. This is amazing! The zine is super cool and I love your work.

  2. Nice ... I`m your zine page neigbour :) in ful maš super blog!!

  3. Thank you all!* :)
    mlaka.... hejla soseda! sem pokukala na tvoj blog in bila enako navdušena (ampak nisem pogruntala ali se da komentirat ali ne zato ti odgovorim kar sem)! :)

    1. ja , bloger me heca, in dovoli komentarje samo če klikneš najprej na ime posta... vglavnem , hvala