Spectacular view from our window the other day... 
Have a nice weekend everybody! 

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  1. .u krošnje ujete meglice - toj neki najlepšga za videt
    .bom se mel fino za vikend, hvala :)

  2. I sincerely love your photos! This view is just like the Aragonese Pirinnee (north mountain region of Spain). You are very lucky person for having those wonderful views!
    Greetings from Valencia!

  3. oh my! and you captured it beautifully.
    that rooftop brings back a certain memory to me.

  4. Misty and misterious. What a great view.

  5. Hello!
    This is Melanie from space | time zine. Just letting you know that I mailed your giveaway prize last week, so hopefully you'll be receiving it soon. :-)

    P.S. Your blog and photography is fantastic. I saw your blog before you won the giveaway and found it very inspiring, I'm humbled that our zine and prints are going to someone so talented!

  6. Beautiful mist! hope you are doing fine. x Alessandra