received wonderful snail mail from Vibeke as part of Craft if forward project witch I joined awhile ago.  She sent me all this wonderful handmade things; nice postcard, sea salt with rosemary from her garden, her homemade potpourri and wrist warmers which will have to wait till next winter (Thank you so much, I love everything!).
And now you can join too since it's my turn to pass it forward. I will send something handmade to the first five bloggers who will leave a comment under this post. After you receive my handmade surprise you need to do a blog post about it and continue the Craft it forward project by sending something handmade to first five bloggers who will leave comments. It can be anything as long it is handmade by you and send out before the end of 2012. Are you game?

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  1. Hopefully I’ve come on here at just the right time. I’d love to play please. I did this last year, so would be great to do another in 2012. Yay! What lovely things you received too :)

  2. Waouh... I can't believe it, I'm in the game... Have a nice day...

  3. helo there,

    to hear that you liked the things i made for you makes me SOOOO happy!

    and yes the wrist warmers are going to get wider when you have used them a little bit. i have made so many that have been to wide after some use that i now always make them a little bit tighter. another nice way to widen them is to ask someone with bigger hands than you to wear them for a little while and voilà: suddenly they are perfect : )
    (i always make my mother use my newly knitted ones for some minutes and when she takes them of they are perfect in the fit for my hands.)
    i thought a long time on what color i thought you would like so it makes me extra glad to hear that the color i ended up with was "right": )

    ohhh, you want to send me something. i am excited already : )
    can you please send me an mail on duftenaverteblomster@yahoo.com again and i will send you my postadress back to you. yesterday i took an update on my computer and lost ALL my contacts...grrrr....

    wishing you a lovely day,

  4. the game is ON! in lohk mi kar osebno dostavis... ;)

  5. Oh I am so happy to have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful project! hope xx

  6. Could I be the fifth person please? I love the things you make!

  7. O super, a sem peta? Blazno mi je všeč ta ideja in obožujem snail mail. Super igra!

  8. uf, uf, hočem videt vse kar si boste darovale:D
    sem pač blogless:(

  9. Oh, smrk, smrk! Ja nič Henry, upam da pri tebi ne zamudim tele igrice :)!

  10. .veš d me prov zanima kaj boš nardila :)