Our friends Tina and Peter - Servantless cook joined forces last night and prepared delicious dinner for us. They baked and cooked after Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking recipes and I think I don't need to mention how delicious it was. We ate Fricassée de poulet à L'ancienne (old fashioned chicken fricassée with wine-flavoured cream sauce, onions and mushrooms) with roast potatoes and string beans for main course and Reine de Saba chocolate cake for dessert. YUMM!! 

(If you wanna participate in my little blog project you have time till tomorrow to send me your photos.)

8 komentarjev:

  1. ujj, nov blog!
    in imeli ste kuharja v profešonal odori!!!

  2. glihkar sem umrla... kdaj je blo to??? lohk ponovimo? pliz??? zame? pero? tina? pliz? in botrice? kje je recept? :)
    ... so many questions...

  3. Irena, jaz z veseljem ponovim še 10x ker je blo tok noro dobro, da so mi brbončice brbotale v ekstazi še celo nedeljo. :))))

  4. Mmm zgleda ful dobro! Tale čokoladna tortica na koncu me sploh mika! :)

  5. oh this looks so good! and i love Julia Child since i saw how she works in the kitchen. The chocolate cake looks amazing too.