At the end of 2011 I received a great surprise from Nina, a wonderful artist and blogger. She kindly send me her wonderful print and zine and I haven't thank her here yet so today is the perfect day to do it. :) At first I wanted to postpone this post and show you her beautiful print when my boyfriend and I would move in to our new home (I imagined to post her print with houses and write something like "we're home" or something similar) but I couldn't wait since this will not happen over night. So... thank you Nina! (I am looking forward to see her new works, don't you?) 
Also big thanks to all of you dear readers, I really appreciate your words of encouragement! I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday!*

4 komentarji:

  1. this photo with hands is my favorite from the book(let) and it's a great book(let)

  2. prosim, ana! ;)
    in zelo vesela, da bodo hiške bivale v tvoji hiši!

  3. nina se tako lepo igra s črtami