On a day like today, when nothing is quite right a sweet parcel from far far away made me smile. Maria generously surprised me with a current issue of a beautiful Frankie magazine (which I always admire online) and other charming goodies like her lovely photos. Her parcel worked like a big warm hug (thank you again!).
Hanna's annual Joulukalenteri is another thing that makes me happy today... but I still can't believe it's December already. Maybe because it's so warm here or because I've been too busy to notice...

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  1. o, wow, kolk lepu! kej ta frankie dobis lohk tud kku drgaci kokr sam preko dobrih blogerskih dus?

  2. pomoje se lohk naročiš nanj al pa si sam kakšno številko nabaviš... mogoče ga imajo kje v Lj ampak jst ga nisem še vidla...

  3. la photo des poire est très belle


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