When I visit my friends for a bit longer I love to take a peek into their bookshelves and check out their books. Here are some from Iva's collection; Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections (check out her lovely blog if you don't know it already), Banksy's Wall and Piece, John Berger's Ways of seeing and Lotta prints by Lotta Jansdotter (this book actually belongs to Iva's sister). Ah... I wouldn't mind having them all. :)

5 komentarjev:

  1. ana, prasi ivo, ce mi posodi knjigo od lotte in uno missed connections! za umret!!!
    lohk mi jih tud podari, ce jih noce tebi... ;)

  2. zelo tražena knjiga /taprva/ zadnjih 14 dni

  3. It's so fun to check out other people's book selections! I have Berger's "And my heart...brief as photos" and also "photocopies". Now I must find "ways of seeing"! thanks for sharing.