Roasted chestnuts are one of the best things about autumn for me. So imagine how excited I get every time someone invites me over in the evening to chestnuts and hot tea... and if I can shoot Instagram photos while we eat them - even better. These photos are from such occasion from last week when we had almost too much of them in our friend's house. Ah! :)

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  1. I love "caldarroste" and the second photo is beautiful. More instagram please ;)
    have a nice weekend:)

  2. Thanks Alex, I sometimes borrow my friend's Iphone that's why my instagram photos are so rare... I love the second photo the most as well, I like how beautifully everything matches (colors)...even the dress of my friend!

  3. Hi Ana. I love roosted chestnuts too. Try to eat with ricotta cheese. Humm
    Have a lovely Friday.

  4. Chestnuts are what I love about Autumn, too. The smell when you roast them in the oven and to peel them while they are still hot. I like the idea of snail mail Ana :) Send me your address and I will send something over all the many seas from here to you :)

  5. Great photos! Looks like the perfect autumn day.


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