I had some troubles with my blog (I couldn't enter into my dashboard) and now it's already September! This day is a bit special since it's my nephew's first birthday and I started my one year internship as professor of fine art. This means back to high school for me... but from another perspective. :)

I wish you a wonderful September and by that I mean a wonderful autumn and "bouquet of newly-sharped pencils". :)

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  1. lušten citat, to je en mojih najljubših filmov :) čakej, kdaj si že rojena?

  2. I have just discovered your blog today, what a treat!

  3. "bouquet of newly-sharped pencils"... I love that!!

    Today is my boyfriend's birthday and mine will be in 10 days. September is my favorite month :D

    And cograts on your internship.

  4. Oh, v kakšno izkušnjo se podajaš.
    Brez besed...

  5. So cute !!!!
    these photos are lovely !