More Saturday's photos as promised...
We had lunch on our friend's beautiful terrace where I noticed small creatures in the peeled facade and drew them faces. :)

ps: I put three small dots in the title area of the post which will hopefully solve the problem about leaving comments on my blog. Now people who don't see a comment link under my post will be able to click on the "title" and comment as well. Hm, maybe this will work. Let's see. :)

6 komentarjev:

  1. pokomentiram za probo :)
    hehe, prav ti kozarci in prtički se tudi na moji mizi znajdejo vsako kosilo. tale kumkvat mam tudi, ampak mi hoče poginit :( samo mačka nimam, si ga pa želim! ;)
    fasadna bitjeca pa so me nasmejala tud na ta nenajboljši dan... za to res hvala! :) lp

  2. Fin duh veje iz teh sobotni fotk:)

  3. They were lucky you spotted these little creatures. Very sweet.

  4. I love those faces! I find faces in everything but I find them do hard to explain to people. Plus, they don't seem to pay must interest, haha. I'm glad we share this joy.

  5. I love these small creatures, these wall characters are so sweet ! and your pictures are very beautiful, I like their soft light.