Thank you all of you who came to my show opening yesterday. The gallery was so jammed I couldn't believe my eyes... Everything seems a bit surreal but I am so happy and honored and I can't stop saying thank you. THANK YOU! :) Our small apartment is like a flower shop which reminds me that it all really happened. I am very honored and grateful and I couldn't hope for a better first solo exhibition 

Ps: The first photo(my new favorite triangle :) ) is borrowed from Ram and other two from my mum.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Congratulations! Love the triangle!

  2. Thank you Kristina! I love the triangle too... my friends always have great ideas! :)

  3. congrats Ana, I would have loved to be there too!
    great triangle : )
    oh and thanks vitamin hugs are so much needed and appreciate!

  4. what a wonderful opening. I am so happy for you that it was such a success and that so many people came ....the triangle is indeed amazing :)