I received this lovely postcard from Jill. It's part of her now already finished project Today I saw. She draw something she saw every single day for a year and then send it to someone. She also organized a swap to celebrate the end of the project. We'll be able to see many postcards from around the world here and I am very curious from who I'll receive a postcard.:)

Thank you Jill for sharing all the beautiful things you saw with us!

5 komentarjev:

  1. postal art is the best! I'm curious about the swap.
    thanks for your comment, hope everything is fine with your home as well...

  2. Uh, megaprojekt! Bi rada videla, kaj si ti videla:)

  3. ... js sm si tud neki risov tkole kr sm vidu ... sam js ne zdržim tega risat cel let ... more bit pa krasno videt pol za nazaj vse ...

  4. oh! how cute and original idea!

    (i follow your blog btw, i love everything you show here)