Hey don't worry you're not at the wrong blog just a little bit updated, changed one. A bit fresher as I like to think although some things still aren't the exact way as I want them to be (I'll work on that). The truth is I've been thinking about changes for a long time and now I finally took some time to make them. I also have to admit that I wasn't really happy with some previous posts and where things took turns. The reasons why I haven't spent so much time here are several, main one is that my boyfriend and I are renovating one part of about 200 years old house and making it our home. Jupp, many changes are happening in my life. So the blog changes with me. I hope you like it. Thank you for visiting, it means a lot to me. 
New beginnings couldn't be possible without overcoming things we made in the past, so here is my first banner for this blog and my farewell to it. Maybe I'll miss it and use it again someday. :)

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  1. Krasen blog in krasna nova podoba. Veliko lepih doživetij na poti v spremembe želim.

  2. Your new banner is fabulous! I did love the old one too but yes we have to move on and grow :) Your 200 y.o. house sounds like a real challenge! Good luck. K

  3. Good luck with the changes and the reno- that can be so time and energy consuming- but I am sure it will be gorgeous and rewarding when all is done! The new banner is fab!
    Annamaria :)

  4. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, they are truly appreciated. *

  5. change from time to time is good. Happy renovating! A 200 year old house sounds exciting!

  6. Tvoj stari banner je bil 1. na lestvici mojih najlepših. Spremembe pa so nujne in osvežujoče.


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