I wasn't blogging much since I've been so occupied with my exams and I think If I am lucky I will not have to bother about that anymore! :) I was in our (now ex) school studio and there is still one quote of my project (previously mentioned) on the blackboard... well in a new funny way. It was so weird not feeling connected to this space anymore... we were there all the time in past years and now it just doesn't belong to our generation anymore. Do you know what I mean?

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  1. congratulations! It must feel bittersweet to be finished school.
    your school space looks really nice.

  2. well... I don't see it as a total finish because I still have to write my master degree. :) I think the place was nice to me only because of my classmates who filled it up with their energy and creativity... maybe that's why I don't feel the place anymore.

  3. the quote project looks very nice!

    i really want to go to ljubljana someday.
    although the only slovenian word i know is "samski," ha!

  4. I know that feeling...but hey it is also good not to be stuck in the same stuff.
    Love your quote project!

  5. ana, your quote project is so cool! i'm going to keep looking, and they are really great quotes. i like those things that make me think. thank you for that. :)