I found myself staring at Claire Lodger's "No place like property" sculpture like stoned and before I realized I made a simple drawing of it. I find her "rooftop hairdo" so inspirational and amazing. It totally mesmerized me.
What inspires you today?

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  1. Oh hippy new year!!!!2010!!!
    Japanese magazines & books are inspiring me today! i keep on reading the same ones over and over again....may be it's time to sav up for a tokyo trip?
    have a good day!
    ps ilike ur drawing of the sculpture

    gini !-)

  2. Rubber Bands.

    I went to the bekery supply shop this afternoon and find this colorful rubber band.

    I can't stop thinking about it^^

  3. Oh how lovely Ana, great drawing great photo :)!

  4. you! just found your blog. love it! many thanks.

  5. I like the little pink cheeks. And yes, the hairdo is just right! In terms of my own inspiration, I have been looking at old circus prints.

  6. oh, what a great drawing and what a great link, Ana :)
    today I was just in the making, making, making process!!! and do a bit of cleanings as well :(

  7. oh ! this drawing is precious and thanks for the great link!
    I should say... You're inspiring me today by the simple beauty of your work without any artifice. I like your very own thread.
    Have the most beautiful year dear Ana

  8. wonderful hair! its hot today and the warm northerly wind has been inspiring me to paint pretty pictures.