a cup of tea for you and me


I've started my day with a cup of white tea and then discovered lovely
Clipper's tea designs via -syko-'s flickr and thought of Sandra's lovely tea swaps. So I guess it's a tea day today! :) Which one is your favorite?

Vania and the master, Olimpia Zagnoli.

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  1. no metter which one I buy, I seem to always go back to Japanese Cherry green tea or Fleur de Geisha as Palais des thes call it. speaking of tea, I have to go to the kitchen now

  2. i have some pineapple & grapefruit green day which both tastes & smells lovely. mmm.

  3. Tension tamer, the package is the one where the lady in red rides a dragon.:) not sure if it tames anything but it is good as good as a big cup of white tea.

  4. I drink a lot of Robois tea with milk. A good alternative to coffee.

  5. think fresh mint tea is the best... reminds me of marocco.

  6. the clipper boxes are nice. i drink lots of tea, usually green tea/ peppermint or earl grey :)


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