I felt "like Santa" while wrapping Christmas gifts for my family and friends yesterday. I used Sandra's beautiful stamp for decorating one special package. I like how it turned out and I'm looking forward of putting it under the Christmas tree with all the other presents.

I hope you had a wonderful day today. I spent it in a circle of girl-friends, eating cheesecake with blueberries , celebrating Jane Austen's birthday with lots of giggling and squealing while watching Pride and prejudice. He,he very girly just like we like it (sometimes)! :)

Thank you Elisabet and Lilie for your beautiful posts about my work. *

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  1. oh, i´m totally in love with your adorable packaging...

  2. I think jane austin would have been pleased to know that there are still lovely girls who celebrate her bday!

  3. oh so nice to see the stamp in action :)

  4. hello! i am so excited to find your fun & beautiful blog! (i found it through mieke willems)
    i didn't realize it was jane austen's birthday yesterday! what a wonderful idea to get together like you did with friends. i really feel i should plan a day like this too!

  5. hello! i came via mieke willems, what a lovely blog you have! this making your own wrapping paper idea is so nice :)

  6. Thank you ladies for such sweet comments... ***
    Welcome new visitors of the blog, I am so happy you find me via amazing people. ;)

  7. Ja res je blo luštno! Pa zelo lepo si tole zavila Ana, jest bi bla že papirja in trakca vesela (namig ;)


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