I went to show opening of Danijel Demšar's puppets and drawings in my friends gallery Lična hiša, had a really good first "Book club" debate with my friends, celebrated my cousin's birthday and laughed a lot this weekend. What did you do?

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  1. I like the surreal face-tree with the beard...It seems that you had a very nice weekend, BRAVA!)

  2. bought new shoes, went to 3 concerts, updated my store, made kitschy stuff, watch family guy, visited my mom, called grandma, had a green tomatoes harvest :), went for a walk and took marvelous photos, drank only four (4!!!) cups of coffee - one of them with long-time-no-see friend, had a visit from good friends, thought of you, bought new buttons, found very good band, called jersey (saw them live last night!), faved dozens of photos on flickr, ironed bunch of clothes, wore redish red red lipstick and nail polish (now that's NEW in my life!), started writing a diary.
    was a very short weekend, even though it doesn't look that way. :)

  3. wow dear if you put it that way...
    I bought new jeans, pj's, black nail polish (the old one gone bad)and an iron desk (0MG!), wore black the whole weekend with red nail polish (I don't remember when I last saw you with polished nails...did I ever? :)), got a haircut, I cried, I was angry, I missed you, I had trouble sleeping (same old story), I was singing out loud,... however... I think your weekend was better than mine!***