V.b. part 1

I went to Venice Bienalle with my dear friends this Saturday. We had only a day and too much to see and I was again feeling a mixture of greatness and sadness as I often do in big museums and exhibitions like this. Excited to see so many great ideas manifested but sad on moments because I somehow started to asking myself again about meaning of all this massive exhibitions, creating,... in some moments everything seemed so big and impersonal, all this people around all this work of art taking only a glimpse at something that took so much thinking, creating and all the long process for someone to create something like this. You know what I mean? I was happy to be surrounded with temporary art from all the world and at the same time a little bit lost and full of questions. Hm, I guess this is the point in one way... the questions. :)
Some of my favorite artist of this year are: Susan Hefuna, Silvia Bächli, Yoko Ono and Miranda July. Somehow their work touched me so much more than others did. I think that the main thing that moved me the most was the personal touch in works and simplicity and lightness from which their work is created.

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